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See what other people are saying about our Horizons at South Meadows apartments! At Horizons at South Meadows Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.



With much appreciation, we recognize the awesome office and maintenance staff of the Horizons of South Meadow apartments. Thank you, Eden, for handling a potentially difficult tenant situation quickly and professionally before it escalated into a major problem. Thank you, Alissa, for helping us reach a fair and satisfactory lease agreement and then, for expertly and patiently, helping us navigate the finer points of the extended lease. Thank you, Lillian, for always being willing to step away from your regular duties in order to help us out when needed. Max, thank you for always making sure work orders are promptly delivered and for always being very helpful. Thank you, Aulton, Chris and Jeremy for always maintaining our apartment with the necessary repairs with amazing promptness, friendliness and courtesy. And never having to come back for the same problem because it is always repaired correctly the first time:) We appreciate the genuine warmth, friendliness and efficiency of the Horizons team. It adds a really special dimension to apartment living. Thanks to you all.


Horizons is a great place to live! They have amazing amenities, friendly and helpful staff, and reasonable rates for the area. It's located in south Reno in a safe and centrally located area. Plenty of shopping within 2 miles and even right across the street. They have been quick to solve any maintenance or administrative issues we have had. They are under new management as of march and have maintained the great service and care that the original staff had. Highly recommend Horizons as a great place to live and raise little ones.


I have been a resident for 2 years now, and am getting ready to upgrade to a bigger apartment and signing a new lease. I read reviews prior to renting here, and decided that the location as well as the size of the apartment would meet my needs and I took the chance. I'm glad I did-biggest kitchen and bathroom of the apartments I've looked at in the Reno-Sparks area; maintenance has always been quick, thorough and friendly, and the ladies in the office have been quick to answer my questions and solve any issues I've had. One of the negatives I had read about was parking, however 15.00 a month for a carport solves that. My family doesn't always find a close spot when they visit, but always close enough. I would definitely recommend checking this complex out if you are looking. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that I don't care for the glass doors on the tub/shower because they make it difficult to clean. Other than that, I love my apartment, cannot wait to move in to the bigger one and I love living here. Take the negative reviews with a grain of salt-apartment living is apartment living and I couldn't be happier


I have lived here for a year and no major issue. The place is good - when something breaks - it is repaired in a timely manner. Girls in the office do what they can. The nickel and dimming happens .. but that happens every where. price for rent in Reno is just not cool ..


I highly recommend the Horizon Apartments in the South Meadows to any person looking to rent in the Reno area. This is by far the best location, the best management, and the best maintenance team of anywhere I have ever rented. The units are modern and super energy efficient. Top notch clubhouse, pool and hot tubs, and a complete gym all in the heart of South Reno.


For the 3 months I stayed there I had a good experience . The apartment itself was nice and clean. Everything worked as it should. They are 10 years old I believe. The grounds were well kept. Pets allowed so you will run into some dog poo as some people don't appear to clean up after their pets, but that wasn't a real problem. Pool was nice with no issues. One of the 2 hot tubs didn't have the jets, but still had hot water. Close to everything, great safe location. I would imagine people's experiences are different based on their neighbors, but we had no issues. Great neighbors and friendly residents.


I believe this is the BEST place I have EVER lived at. Love the office staff especially Trinidy as she was there through my lease signing. The overall look and feel of the grounds is beautiful. You feel like you are in a home and not an apartment. So far so GREAT! love it....


Great place!


The location is OK. Not surrounded by much but everything you need is within a few miles - Grocery store, bars, restaurants, etc. The apartment itself is great. Nice carpet, paint, countertops, W/D, kitchen, fireplace, etc. They have a pool and hottub as well. The negatives. 1) PARKING. They offered us a free parking garage for the term. However, the spot was on the opposite side of the entire property so was meaningless to us. When you park in the parking spots, be prepared for major frustration as there is very limited parking. (Unless you do not come home after 5pm, of course - but weekends are always packed). 2) Another negative is a nice bill you will get when you move out. We accepted the apartment pretty dirty. We had to clean the floors, windows, mirrors, etc ourselves. Overall, it was not too bad. However, I HIGHLY recommend, as you always should, filling out the checklist when you move in because you will need it. About two weeks after you vacate, they will send you a bill for general cleaning, carpet cleaning, and touch up paint NO MATTER WHAT. They will then claim they discussed this with you when the lease was signed. Anyways, if you leave your apartment in good shape with normal wear and tear, or less, you are legally OK but still have to deal with the bill they send you - which is a pain. 3) Fitness center - If you work out with more than one person and need a treadmill in the winter, be prepared to go elsewhere. They only have three treadmills. The biggest issue as that all three never work at the same time. They never seemed to get them fixed the right away throughout our stay. I also never saw anybody clean the equipment in the fitness center which is really noticeable but again, it's a gym. Wash your hands when you leave and take a shower, I understand. 4) On their website, they have "Look for our ads in ... and xyz1 and xyz2 (removed site names for advertising purpose - check their website under about us)" - This is quite comical because on those two sites, I could not find a way to write an apartment review. Light bulb going on yet? One of the sites they list has two randomly chosen reviews "FROM THE WEB" from 2006 and 2011. Not real helpful when it's 2013. Overall great apartment - few downsides. So when you sign the lease, move in, move out, and get a bill several weeks later - you'll come back to this review and probably write another! You'll like this apartment but you'll have to deal with these real headaches.

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